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When opening a retail store, you may have to make a decision about the flooring being installed. If you are fortunate enough to get to plan the design of the interior of the building, you have quite a few great options to consider. Our blog is all about commercial flooring for retail spaces. You will learn about the different types of flooring available that will help to reduce the amount of noise that is carried through the building, how to find easy to care for flooring and what you can do to make your decision a little easier on your mind and your budget.


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flooring options for your retail space

Upgrading Your Home Or Business With Cork Flooring Systems

by Vanessa Douglas

Cork flooring systems are an option that you might not have considered for your home or business. However, there are a few basic facts about these flooring systems that can help you to determine if it is right for your house or business.

Cork Can Be An Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solution

It may not seem like cork flooring would be an environmentally friendly option for your house, but this largely stems from the fact that the cork can be harvested from the tree without killing it or causing other significant harm to it. After a period of time, the cork will regrow, which can allow for it to be harvested again. This can make cork flooring systems some of the most sustainable available.

Cork Can Be Available In A Variety Of Shades

There can be substantial variation in the shade of the cork flooring that is available to you. Typically, these floors will be available in colors that range from extremely light brown to a deep brown that is similar to other hardwood flooring systems. Due to the fact that this type of flooring is made from all-natural materials, there can be some variation in the shading and patterns of the portions of the cork flooring. This variation can be a visually appealing feature for these flooring systems, but you will need to be mindful when choosing this type of flooring that it will not be perfectly uniform in its coloring and patterns.

Cork Flooring Systems Are Easy To Clean And Maintain

The type of care that the cork flooring system that you install will require is largely similar to the type of care that will be needed for other types of hardwood flooring systems. This will involve thoroughly cleaning the floors with a hardwood floor cleaning solution or a lightly damp mop. However, you will have to be extremely careful to avoid adding large amounts of water to the cork flooring. Cork is a very porous material, which can allow for moisture to soak into it. This can damage the cork by causing it to swell, which can put enough pressure on it to cause cracks, as well as contributing to the cork planks no longer fitting together. If you accidentally spill a large amount of liquid on your cork flooring, you should make sure to dry up as much of it as possible to limit the amount that is able to absorb into the flooring.

To learn more, contact a resource that provides cork flooring systems.