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When opening a retail store, you may have to make a decision about the flooring being installed. If you are fortunate enough to get to plan the design of the interior of the building, you have quite a few great options to consider. Our blog is all about commercial flooring for retail spaces. You will learn about the different types of flooring available that will help to reduce the amount of noise that is carried through the building, how to find easy to care for flooring and what you can do to make your decision a little easier on your mind and your budget.


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flooring options for your retail space

Care And Maintenance For New Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

by Vanessa Douglas

If you have recently finished a remodel and installed waterproof vinyl flooring for the first time, you need to be sure that you care for that flooring properly. It's important that you are fully informed of the best way to care for your floors if you want to be sure that you get the longest possible lifespan from that new floor investment. Here's a look at what you need to know to keep your waterproof vinyl floors clean and in good condition.

Start With Surface Cleaning

The first step you should take is to ensure that you remove any dry dirt or debris from the floors. If you skip this step and mop the floors instead, you could inadvertently damage the surface of the flooring by grinding dirt into it. This will cause scratches and hard-to-remove embedded dirt. Waterproof vinyl flooring has a soft enough surface that the flooring can be vulnerable to abrasive damage, which is what you would cause by trying to mop the floors without sweeping and removing surface dirt particles.

Sweep the floors thoroughly, then wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to catch any residual dirt or dust. Ideally, you should do this daily to avoid creating ground-in dirt through foot traffic on the floors during the day.

Mop Right After You Sweep

No matter how often you decide to mop your new vinyl floors, you should always plan to do so immediately after you sweep. This way, you can clean the floors thoroughly without worry about additional dirt being spread across the floors. 

Additionally, you should choose a floor cleaner that is specifically designed for waterproof vinyl flooring surfaces. Using the wrong cleaner could actually damage the waterproof coating on your vinyl floors, which may lead to unwanted leaks and water damage. If you prefer to make your own cleaner, you can create a floor cleaner with white vinegar, a small amount of a gentle dish detergent, and a splash of citrus juice.

Work With A Flooring Contractor

If you notice any staining, scratching, or other damage to your waterproof vinyl flooring, reach out to a flooring contractor for assistance. Your contractor can help you with the best measures to repair or replace the damaged area or to remove stains. Flooring contractors have the training and professional tools to do these jobs properly and efficiently. Failing to address these problems correctly may actually make your flooring vulnerable to water penetration.

These are some of the most important things that you should know when it comes to cleaning and maintaining new waterproof vinyl floors. Talk with a waterproof vinyl flooring contractor today for more information.