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When opening a retail store, you may have to make a decision about the flooring being installed. If you are fortunate enough to get to plan the design of the interior of the building, you have quite a few great options to consider. Our blog is all about commercial flooring for retail spaces. You will learn about the different types of flooring available that will help to reduce the amount of noise that is carried through the building, how to find easy to care for flooring and what you can do to make your decision a little easier on your mind and your budget.


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flooring options for your retail space

Choosing The Best Wood Flooring Materials To Give Your Home More Modern Style

by Vanessa Douglas

Wood flooring can give you the custom interior design you want with new floors. You may want to use real hardwood materials or alternatives like engineered floors. The following hardwood flooring ideas will give your interior design modern style:

Unique Wood Plank Flooring Designs

Plank floors are a great solution for your home. There are many different options for the design of wood plank floors. Ideas for plank floors include:

  • Milled conventional wide-plank floors
  • Rough-hewn plank floors for unique designs
  • Full-width wide-plank wood floors

Old barn wood and reclaimed lumber are great choices of materials. These materials are often unique sizes and scarce wood species.

Mosaic Patterns For Wood Floors

There are many options to add mosaic designs to your floors. These designs can help improve flooring with different designs and patterns. The options to use wood flooring to create patterns in floors include:

  • Creating a 3D tile look for wood floors
  • Using different wood materials for artistic features
  • Using wood floor mosaics to create attractive patterns in floors

These design features can be combined with other flooring styles to give your floors a custom look. These mosaic designs can be great in areas with open floors. The mosaics will create interesting features and details for your interior design.

Inlaid Wood Floors With Unique Styles

There are also inlaid wood flooring designs. These wood floors give you more options for patterns and artistic design features. The inlaid flooring designs that you may want to use for your project include:

  • Borders that create separations for open spaces
  • Creating unique details for custom floors
  • Adding unique artistic centerpieces to wood floors

These are some of the different options that can be used to create inlaid designs for wood floors.

Wood Flooring For Contemporary Interiors

There are also abstract designs that can be created for the wood floors in your home. These can be materials that have colorations, imperfections, and other interesting details. A few ideas to create abstract wood floors include:

  • Using center-cut logs
  • Combining wood grain colors for unique designs
  • Using lumber with imperfections to create abstract floor designs

These abstract wood flooring ideas will give you floors for a contemporary design. Applying an epoxy coating will protect these contemporary floors from wear and damage.

These are wood flooring solutions that will help give your modern home style. Call a wood flooring service and talk to them about these solutions for your floors.