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flooring options for your retail space

Dairy Brick Repair and Maintenance

by Vanessa Douglas

Many food and beverage processing plants utilize dairy brick, otherwise known as acid brick. The product is ideal in the food and beverage industry due to its high resilience – it is made from a high silica shale and fired at higher temperatures than most other flooring materials. This makes it more capable of handling heat and chemicals, as well as high traffic and heavy equipment that are often present in these types of facilities. The brick is easy to sanitize as it is non-porous and slip-resistant as well. 

As with anything, proper maintenance and repair are required to maintain such a high functioning product. That is where a flooring company or contractor specializing in dairy brick and tile should come in.

A flooring contractor or dairy brick contractor will be able to come to the facility to inspect your flooring situation. Whether you are wanting to newly install dairy brick, or repair existing dairy brick, the contractor will have the ability to assess your needs and recommend the best course of action.


If being newly installed, the contractor will be able to provide a quote for the removal of the existing flooring product, and installation of the new product. Additionally, the flooring contractor will be able to give you proper maintenance guidelines and a schedule for when it should be inspected and serviced. 


Since dairy brick has been around for an exceptionally long time, many food and beverage plants already have dairy brick installed. As stated above, regular maintenance is needed to maintain the integrity of the product. Since the brick itself is resistant to adverse conditions, it is more often the grout that is the cause of issues with the product. The grout in between the bricks can often become damaged from normal wear and tear and as a result, the bricks may shift or be displaced.  Additionally, bacteria can live in the cracks in the grout or the crevices caused by the shifting tiles. 


The contractor will have the ability to come in and repair and replace the brick as needed, and re-grout the areas that need attention. It is also important to reseal the floor periodically to prevent the grout from becoming damaged. This is something else that a dairy brick contractor can address when coming in to do the inspection and subsequent work.

Dairy brick — when properly maintained and repaired — will last for a long time. Hiring a flooring contractor will ensure that the product lasts for as long as possible and maintain its integrity.

To learn more, contact a dairy brick repair contractor near you.