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When opening a retail store, you may have to make a decision about the flooring being installed. If you are fortunate enough to get to plan the design of the interior of the building, you have quite a few great options to consider. Our blog is all about commercial flooring for retail spaces. You will learn about the different types of flooring available that will help to reduce the amount of noise that is carried through the building, how to find easy to care for flooring and what you can do to make your decision a little easier on your mind and your budget.


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flooring options for your retail space

Mistakes That Can Be Made When Installing Carpeting Over Your Hardwood Flooring

by Vanessa Douglas

Have you decided that you want to put carpeting over your hardwood flooring? Thankfully, the carpeting you install can protect that hardwood until you're ready for hardwood once again. However, mistakes can be made during the installation that can be bad for your original floors.

Not Preparing The Hardwood Flooring

Your hardwood flooring must be incredibly clean prior to installing new carpeting on top of it. If you have dirt left behind on the surface before you place the padding and carpeting on top of it, you will find scratches on the floor when the carpeting is removed one day. Scratches can occur very easily because the padding can move when it is walked on.

Not Letting The Hardwood Flooring Dry

Another step that you must take is to make sure the hardwood flooring is completely dry after cleaning it. If there is water left on the floor is can grow mildew and mold when it is trapped under the carpeting. While this risk is possible with any type of flooring material you are placing carpeting over, it's a bigger problem for hardwood because the wood can rot due to it being porous.

Not Purchasing The Correct Padding

Carpet padding is one area that you need to purchase quality materials for, even though you won't see the padding once the new carpeting is on top of it. If your goal is to protect the underlying hardwood, you'll need carpet padding that is thick.

While thin padding material will be cheap, it will lack the cushion that the hardwood needs to protect it. You'll also feel less cushioning as you walk across the carpet every single day. A thick padding will feel more comfortable and provide more protection. While it won't protect the hardwood from becoming dented in extreme situations, you will see a notable improvement in terms of protection from normal wear and tear.

Not Using The Correct Tack Strips

You may be surprised to see that there are many types of tack strips at your local home improvement store. Be aware of what kind of tack strips you are purchasing, since some are designed for use on concrete and other is for hardwood. Installing the wrong type of tack strip could cause damage to the hardwood flooring over the years or cause the carpeting to become loose.

Contact a local carpet installation contractor for more tips on how to protect your underlying hardwood flooring when installing new carpet.