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When opening a retail store, you may have to make a decision about the flooring being installed. If you are fortunate enough to get to plan the design of the interior of the building, you have quite a few great options to consider. Our blog is all about commercial flooring for retail spaces. You will learn about the different types of flooring available that will help to reduce the amount of noise that is carried through the building, how to find easy to care for flooring and what you can do to make your decision a little easier on your mind and your budget.



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flooring options for your retail space

3 Flooring Ideas To Ease The Pain Of Bad Knees And Bone Problems

by Vanessa Douglas

Floors come in many different styles and materials, which are often hard materials that can be bad for bones and joints. If you have a medical condition that causes you joint pain on a hard surface, then some of these flooring options may not be right for you. There are some alternatives that can be a better solution, such as carpets that are gentle on the knees and engineered floors with padded underlayments. If you have a health problem with bones or joints, here are some flooring solutions that will be easier on you:

1. Carpet With Padding To Give Your Feet The Most Comfortable Flooring

If you want to have some of the most comfortable flooring in your home and walk through your home barefoot, carpet is one of the best options. Carpets can have padding and be made of many different types of fibers. If you want more comfort, a softer carpet can be a good choice. For a more durable carpet for families with children and pets, you may want to choose some of the denser carpets.

2. Newer Engineered Wood Flooring That Can Have A Padded Underlayment Beneath It

There are many different types of hardwood flooring materials that you can have installed in your home. The problem is that these materials can be very hard surfaces that can be bad for bones and joints when you walk on them. Newer engineered flooring products solve this problem by being softer veneer materials that can also have padding installed beneath. They are also very affordable and durable flooring products to have installed in your home.

3. Wood Flooring That Is Softer On The Joints With Softwood And Hardwood Alternatives

Engineered flooring products may not be the right choice for everyone that wants hardwood flooring in their home. If you want real wood floors that are easy to walk on, consider using alternatives to traditional hardwoods like oak. Softwoods like pine, cedar, and spruce materials can be a great affordable alternative. There are also newer products like bamboo that can give you a unique looking floor in your home.

These are some flooring solutions that are easier on the knees and will make walking in your home more comfortable. If you are ready for new floors that are softer to walk on, contact a flooring contractor, like one from A-1 Linoleum & Carpet Co, and talk with them about some of these options for your home.